Monday, January 5, 2015

And Another One Begins~

Happy 2015 to from our home to yours!!

I hope you look forward to the days ahead,
and have a few plans
up your sleeve!


Saturday, November 1, 2014

To Infinity and ~

Sometimes it may feel like
an eternity,
but time passes so quickly.

In his chosen uniform of blue,
 the Pilot Man will today 

30 (yes, thirty!) years

Once he was flying 

in the Lower '48.

Then he packed up everything he had,
drove to Alaska

to fly to a job he had accepted

in Nome, Alaska.

It was,
and remains,
 a lifelong dream of his to be a Bush Pilot!!

His flights have been varied,
 and he does occasionally still fly in the Lower '48.

Bering Air transport passengers, 
mail (which includes all winter groceries),
fish counters, 
whale watchers,
barge searchers,
camp supplies.
and more.

Years of flying to Russia
means many Visas ;-) 
among other things!

Some of the airplanes he flies now, are new since he began at BA.

But, others are the same ones he has worked 
with since he first arrived!

 By choice he doesn't fly scheduled flights as much as he used to.

Instead he focuses on keeping things moving during the day..
trying to get everything delivered safely,
pilots trained,
planes working,
inspectors satisfied,
ramps cleared,
and people happy ;-)

It has been interesting, sometimes challenging, 
but, definitely never boring.

He still enjoys going to work where it is 
always an adventure, 
with no two days 
eVeR the same!

Unlike many,
he isn't looking to retire or change is life..

he is having too much fun 
living his dream!

To infinity and beyond.....

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Simply Majestic~

This creature was standing by the side of the road
as I drove home yesterday.

He stood, calmly, and so majestic in the afternoon sunshine.
The gentle breeze fluttering about his skirt.

Those wise eyes,
for me to finish,
so he could cross the road.....

Monday, October 13, 2014

It is Looking Like October~

After looking for the right door for years,
we found storm doors that we hope will work.

They are installed and it looks like we are not too early
getting them in!

It is time to say "Hello" to the ice,
and "Good-bye" to the flowers.

Whether we are ready or not.....

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Colors of Fall~

Beginning with the first light in the sky

our world is cast in a whole new range of colors..

except for one delightful summer holdout.

Doesn't it make you smile to see those those bright little heads 
surrounded by the snow!

Happy Autumn, where ever you may be.....

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Grass Farmer~

This was a requested post..

The Pilot Man said "You should take some pictures" and..
He really did.  He said that!

This is for you know who ;-)..

The Pilot Man has farming in his genes.
For several generations.

Part of The Plan when we hooked up was that
his jeans and mine would get back to farming...
but after 30 years that is
a whole other post.

We have a little ground in the frozen north,
and the Pilot Man uses his farmer skills on his grass.

The lawns are roughly divided into three sides.

After our freezing fall rains, followed by an unusually icy winter, 
there were a lot of brown spots this summer where
the grass has struggled to come back.

Our south facing lawn, also known as the helo-pad
stretches a little further each year.

Before we built our house, we brought out plants from town
and have added to the little flower bed on the
west-facing side of our drive.
The top patch is the newest little lawn and the lower part is often under water, 
so a little slower to grow.

 The rock walk has been seeded with Johnny Jump Up (Violas).
They will winter over here and should reseed themselves-
I love their little splash of color!

The third section is the largest part to the side of the house and shop.

Alone it is about 7 miles worth of mowing.

Nike dogs gets a little bored with the mowing,
but feels he does his part by re-contouring
the ground.

If he finishes all three sides in one day

the Pilot Man and his mower clock a little over 10 miles.

It keeps the two of them as busy as a bee :)

if not, as happy as can be.....

Friday, August 8, 2014

It's a Flyer~

As we continued driving past the resting
my friend drew my attention
to a flyer heading towards us.

 I pulled over, and as we watched, the pilot guided his craft to
land on the road near our
parked car.

As luck would have it,
we were well-armed with our cameras.
The flyer said it was the first time he had made it all the way to
the road.
The wind was right that night carrying him beyond the hillside and tundra.

I don't think he expected to be
"shot" from all angles,
or to be peppered with so many questions,
but he was a good sport!

At some point my friend
asked if he minded ;-)

It was really interesting listening as he explained the dynamics of his flight
and the training he had done 
to prepare.

His plan was to keep walking up the hill,
and flying down
while the perfect conditions lasted.

When he was too tired to go up,
he would go home.
Because it was so calm, his flights were much
more controlled than the other nights he had tried,
so he wanted to go as long as he could.

The flyer has already base jumped off the Perrine Bridge
and Shoshone Falls in Idaho,
out of a helicopter near Nome,
various places around Oregon and California.

In a few months his next stop will be Italy to fly off
the highest cliff they can find.
For that he will be wearing his "winged" suit!
My friend asked what his Mom thought of all of that ;-)

On his final run of the night, the flyer had an audience at the 
top of the Anvil Rock
and us snapping away at the bottom.

Such a beautiful night to be out.....