Sunday, April 17, 2016

Weekend Wanderings, Day Two~

On Sunday it was overcast
and a little bit windy, 
but we had planned to check out a patch of cottonwoods
up the hill by Banner Creek.

After trying to navigate several different ways across the 
melting ice, 
we turned back.

On the return, we passed this large beaver lodge that was holding 
up a long expanse of ice. 
The beavers may be fun to watch, but they sure can
dam up the water flow!

Option Number Two was to check out an old wooden trestle along the 
Nome River above Banner Creek.

The tundra here was pretty frozen still, so decided to skip the snowshoes.

From the road we didn't see some of the deep gullies full of melting 
snow, but we crawled on.

The Pilot Man took the high path, I took the low.
He made it there before me ;)

The work and strength it must have taken to get this line... amazing!

Look at the size of those beams!

They are still fairly strong when you watch where you are going. 
With the wind I didn't step out too far.

Might take off, if you know what I mean.

 This is the upgraded Thirteen Mile Nome River Bridge.

Didn't see anything green or popping up spring-like in the tundra.
It might need another week of sunshine.....

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Weekend Wanderings~

The Pilot Man and I headed out with snowshoes last weekend.
It was a beautiful, sunny day,
with barely any wind.

We headed out to Basin Creek.
There is a landing strip there which is the closest alternate airport
for Nome.

When the weather is below minimums in Nome,
the planes can land there so the passengers can be picked up
and driven into town.

From above Basin Creek, we had a good view of the
 private mining operation below. 

 We also found a few location stakes on top.

The snow has been melting quite a bit with the warmer temperatures
and winds.
This has exposed some of last year's treasures such as
this little tuft of qiviut.


The sunshine and warmth are also causing the 
willows to pop.

A true sign of spring!

 I ended up with a whole pocket of qivuit collected as we walked across the tundra.

Although is is melting, the snow was still firm enough in most spots, that we could walk 
without snowshoes.

I did manage to find a few softer spots that I 
had to climb out of!

The water from the melting snow leaches down and drips from 
below the snow pack.
We saw a lot of this bright yellow lichen which must
fade later in the summer.
Perhaps bleached and dried from the long summer days? 

My attempt to slide downhill was not very successful,
but the footing was good going up, 
and down.

It turned out to be a day when snowshoes were optional ;) .....

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Searching For Springtime~

Like most of North America, we are looking for the signs of spring.

Any sign would be welcome!

The hints are there, 
but it just keeps teasing us.

Yesterday we enjoyed sitting on the bench out on the deck after work,
soaking up the warmth from the late afternoon sun.

And earlier today we went out for a nice, sunny trek with our snowshoes.
It feels so good to be outside.
But now we have this...more snow!

I guess we might have to make our own sunshine 
for a little bit longer.....

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Older Siblings..Roller Boy~

At fourteen months

the Roller Boy is no longer an infant

and is ready to move out independently.

An observer, he will probably

 see what others may miss.

As he begins to venture out

still wants to still hold on

and be securely embraced by someone he trusts.


The world is so big,

with lots to do.

New things to explore

and places to check out.

He sure will be glad when his little brother can join him 

in swinging,

and splashing

the Roller Boy way.....

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Older Siblings...Miss Sweetness~

Miss Sweetness is part of the Terrific Two Group!

Sweet and Funny..

A new big sister, who thinks her new 
baby sister is,
"So sweet", 
(insert adorable lilt in when she is saying that) 

She is ready to rock and roll 

like a true styling' princess does.

The world is her's

to explore

and experience.

Thrills and giggles are in her future 

and for those who love her.....