Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Weekend Wanderings - A White World~

Once upon a time
we wished for snow instead of rain.

Well, that wish has been granted!

We have been able to get out a little, and it has been interesting.
Although the temperatures have rarely been above freezing,
this stretch of the river hasn't frozen over. 
The water isn't deep underneath,
but it is still running.

Most of the plants have an ice coating.

These tripods mark the trail going over the hill.
Once you get into the fog, they can be
a lifesaver!

Without the snow, you can see the markers are at least 6' tall.
These are the same markers that the Iditarod teams
follow on their trip to Nome.
More than one musher has mentioned the soft, deep snow
and warm temperatures this year.

The Ditch-rider's cabin is tucked into a snow bank.
We haven't driven on the road since last fall.
There is way too much snow to try to
keep it open for driving.

It is kind of hard to tell, but the snow is covering half of the window
on the downhill side of the cabin. 
I was looking through the uphill side window frame.

The Pilot Man thought it was a good time for a selfie :)

We are getting more snow today.
I think it is the most since the winter of 2009.
Spring ought to be fun!
Oh boy.....

Thursday, February 1, 2018

February 2018 Accounting~

Here it is February 2018!

In many ways our lives did skip from February 2017 to '18 
with a lot of space in between.
Just like the blog posts.
But more on that 

Today finds our family
with their feet firmly in the USA.

There will be/have been some big changes in 2018!

The Nursing Daughter just switched from 
the Neuro Unit day shift to ICU nights.
She said she felt like she needed to learn more
and made a change to her life so that she could do it.
When someone asked her if she liked her job,
and she could no longer truthfully answer,
 "Yes!",  she knew it was time.

The Engineering Son and Engineering Wife
are recreating their lives.
Counting the furry one, they are now a family of four.
In September our family was blessed with this Little AK Peanut.
She was another of our 2017 Tip Top Highs!

While they are new parents he is going to grad school,
and she is engineering at home.
We are waiting to see where that location will be!

The Flyer Son, his Crafty Wife
and family
are moving to Nome
so that he can begin his dream of being a full-time
bush pilot!
She has a thriving business of her own that will 
move with her, 
and finally fulfill it's name, The nome knitter.
Miss Sweetness is excited to be moving to Alaska
(Imaging a 5-yr old singing that emphatically)

The Barrister Son and his Teacher Wife
are looking at some big changes as well.
While they develop their plan,
he is working on historical documentation in the Nome area
and they are keeping up with their two growing boys,
and working at their busy jobs.

The Pilot Man and I learned a lot in 2017.
...still working on that.
More later.

On a better note, it is encouraging to see our kids' 
willingness to make changes to create the life they want,
and not settle for something else.

One of their favorite show quotes, "They have the fear" 
has been passed around a bit :) 

It will be exciting to watch the year unfold.....

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Happy Birthday Little Gem~

Happy Birthday to this Little Gem!

She was four-months old before her
Dada was able to come home and hold her.
To this day
she still is a person who loves to cuddle. 

Her smile is almost always flashing as she 
shares her sunny personality.
And quick...
Leave anything on the floor and she will grab it.

I can truly say that I have never known a baby like her,
and those two little pearlies get me 

2017 was a roller-coaster, but there is no doubt
that this Little Gem 
was one of the tip-top highs for the year.....

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Here we are at February,
 2017 ready, or not!

Where are we today?

Three of our four offspring are out of the country.

The Flyer Son is deployed until April,
The Barrister Son is at a destination wedding,
and the Nursing Daughter is in
South American with another nurse.

Next month, the end of March, the Engineering Son
will go to England to work,
then is wife,  the Engineering Wife, will fly over for a while in April.

Weird, they have all spread their wings so far ;)
Sometimes it is hard to keep track of all of their time zones.

The Crafty Wife had a little girl in January!
This Little Gem is quite amazing!

The Nursing Daughter was there to help as our family representative.  

I was able to go down for a bit and help in January,
then went to the east coast to help 
the Barrister Son with his boys while his wife was on the west coast
with her Mom.

We are pretty lucky to be able to help out when we can!
I like to make the most of those chances
whenever possible.....

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Good-bye 2016~

It is time to say good-bye to a jam-packed year.

2016, you were good to us and we appreciate your gifts!

The families, we don't get to see enough, but enjoy so much.

The friends, whose lives are woven though our
making us rich.

Our health, that allows us to get out to explore and 
share new experiences.

We are ready to jump into 2017 with grateful hearts!

Happy New Year to you and yours!
May your 2017 be filled with 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Slow October Days~

After a sweet, filled summer

our days have slowed a bit.

We are finding our new fall rhythm

and anticipating the changes sure to come with the 
turning of the seasons--

and the election.

I hope all is well with you.....

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Crater June~

Once upon a time,
the Pilot Man and I were married.

We each planned part of the honeymoon.
The first night was my choice.

I thought he had been to Crater Lake in his 
previous life..prior to me.

So I booked a sweet little cabin on the Willamette Pass,
instead of the lodge at Crater Lake, Oregon. 

Over the years I preceded to take the kids and visited Crater Lake
several times.
Always without the Pilot Man. turns out he had NeVeR been there.

This year it worked for him to go on a trip to Oregon 
with me.
And the Nursing Daughter surprised us when she drove over and spent 
the night in her car in the parking lot.
She brought us morning coffee!

After years of talking up the beauty and crystal clear waters,
I was pretty excited for the Pilot Man to
finally get his chance to see 
Crater Lake!

Imagine my surprise when it snowed, as we climbed up
the slick road.
The low clouds completely covered the beautiful mountains,
fresh spring snow was entirely too much for the poor
rental car tires. Since we didn't have
winter gear in case we got stuck, we had to be cautious.
So, we never made it the entire way.

Funny how things work out!

I guess we will keep that destination on our 
"Someday" list.....