Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Champion's Alaska~

There is a new show out that has made those in Alaska roll our eyes.  Few from Alaska need a TV camera or crew to feel better about their world.  The camera doesn't have to stop, makeup touched up, and directions given so they know what to do.  They take care of business doing what needs to be done.

Last night a 23 year old kid won the Yukon Quest as a Rookie.  When they interviewed him he said might be a rookie for that race, but he had seen the weather and conditions before elsewhere so just dealt with it. ( ) His race plan had been to train his dogs for the Iditarod which begins in March and the win was an unexpected bonus.  Greeting him at the finish was the last rookie winner, Lance Mackey.  
In a race that has been reported to have been one of the worst on record, Dallas is the 2011 Champion.
Photo by Justin Kennedy/Candian Press

In 1973 Dan Seavey, Dallas' grandfather, helped to start the Iditarod Dog Sled Race with Joe Reddington, Sr.  Dan ran it when it took 3 weeks to complete the trek and wool was the warmest thing you could wear.

Photo from the internet

Mitch Seavey, Dallas' father has won the Iditarod and is one of the longest running mushers as well.  In 2001three generations of Seaveys completed the race.  Dallas is also the youngest person to run the Iditarod.  After taking time off for college he has returned to his dogs.  His wife has also a finished an Iditarod.

To support their racing habit the entire family runs a business teaching others about dogs, mushing, training, breeding sled dogs and winning races.... ( ) This one family alone could tell real stories for weeks about things that truly happened to them while they were in the vast wilds of Alaska.  They didn't care that no one was around to see it.  They just loved what they did, the state they lived in, and enjoyed living their lives.

The Seaveys have shared their lives with countless others and have encouraged many to come to Alaska to fulfill their dreams.   If you are looking for a job, they hire for summer and winter positions. Dallas and his family continue to be a wonderful example of the reality of Alaska....Maybe if they had a show the title could be A Champion's Alaska!

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