Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2, Groundhog Day to most, but in Alaska it is Marmot Day!

I was talking to some of my favorite people yesterday as they waited for their rides home.  One of the topics was about it being Groundhog Day on Wednesday.  This led to the question of what it was.  A younger swimmer excitedly said, "I know" and explained about the day, the shadow and the prediction about spring.  The older swimmer couldn't see what it mattered and commented, "Winter is just going to last here until it is over!"  A true Arctic Child....

In Alaska they celebrate Marmot Day to promote the unique way of life found here.  Since groundhogs are marmots it works for February 2nd.

Happy Marmot Day from our world to yours.....
From the kitchen window to the south....Sunrise over Dexter, ~noon 2/2/11

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