Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise~

Today we woke up to the howl of the wind..again.  It had started to blow the night before and we were hoping the storm would either be dying down, or be so bad we didn't play the "yes/no" do we go game?

Unfortunately school was not cancelled, work was calling and we decided to go.  With our faces covered and headlamps on, we snowshoed into the wind up, up up to the car.

The drive in wasn't too bad.  There were big drifts in some places but they were short and spaced out so we didn't get bogged down, and the wind kept the windshield clear to the airport and then the pool.

While we were at work the weather got much worse.  Businesses closed and people wondered how they would get home.  

11:30 AM

The  weather was a little better after my classes were done and with the airport and pool shut down for the rest of the day, we planned to run some errands and headed home early.

We parked and while we organized for our walk to the house, another car went by and got.....stuck.
A few minutes of shoveling and they had him out.  As I  was adding layers, I was looking out the car window and listening to the snow as it turned to noisy sleet.  
Suddenly a favorite saying popped into my head, 
"Just another day in paradise!"

Functional attire..

I guess everyone has their own idea of paradise  :-) ....

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