Monday, February 28, 2011

The Rest of The Story..I hope~

After the announcement they gave everyone several opportunities to get off, but we were told our bags would not be getting off.  The Kotzebue passengers and optimistic Nome people stayed in their seats.
Taking off from Anchorage the mountains looked beautiful.

There are many cabin along the rivers we flew over.  Blue skies made everyone hopeful.

And then we saw the thick fog bank BELOW the blue sky.

The pilots angled the plane to look for a hole through the fog.

Then they looked to the other side. to decide if they should try an approach into Nome.

They decided to fly over Nome and head directly to Kotzebue.     There were many groans of frustration has they powered up for the short trip there where we landed easily.

In Kotzebue they made everyone get off and took off all of the bags.  After a few hours they loaded up anyone wanting to go to Anchorage...the next stop.  I decided Kotzebue gave me more chances for getting into Nome so stayed there.
I am hoping one of the Bering Air planes can get us home.

Still waiting for the fog to lift in Nome......


  1. I will NOT let you fly in this weather on THAT DINKY plane!!!!!!!

  2. Didn't get to go in one of those after all. I went in a Navajo...


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