Monday, February 28, 2011

So You Want to Fly Home~

Today I scurried to get to the airport early for my flight from Fairbanks.  I guess I should have taken it as a sign that things might not go as planned when I had to drive ever so carefully around a firetruck, a rescue truck, a police car and a taxi with someone laying face-down beside it.  Since it was -23* I don't think that was a position of choice.  I hope they are okay!

I made it through the line to turn in my bags.... after they put all of the Prudue Bay bags through.... then went upstairs and waited to crawl through the security line to be cleared to get on after they made the final boarding call for my flight.  We had a tail wind so it was a quick 40 minute flight to Anchorage and I had 2 hours to spend at the airport.  What did I do?

I called my husband
Stopped by Starbucks--needed that hot CHOcolate and oatmeal!
Took some pictures
Took more pictures

Here is the story in pictures minus the morning emergency.....
The rivers as we were lifting off from Fairbanks and it was just beginning to get light.

The sun was coming up in the east and reflecting on the west wing.

The sun starting to shine on the mountains.

Landing in Anchorage.  Sunrise is one of my favorite vacation spots.

Anchorage's beautiful mountain backdrop 

Dreaming of Spring!
And then it was time to board for the trip to Nome.  After we boarded they said, "It doesn't look good in Nome, you can get off if you want".....     Oh No, what will we do?!
What will happen next?
Dragnet theme here.....  without the names being changed.....

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  1. Beautiful Pictures skd....Hope you get home safe and sound...well :)


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