Thursday, February 3, 2011

What happens here might not happen there~

My friend has been sending me info on writing blogs and editing, so I guess she was isn't playing anymore.  She always makes me laugh when we chat. When she first started her campaign we were online and I came up with some silly stuff and shot it off to her to read.  She responded with her own and we had notes fly back and forth through cyber space until I was laughing hysterically.  (No, we won't tell what those were about). Jenean continued her campaign until it was time for me to go to work.  

By then it is early afternoon on an overcast day and I notice the flat light. It is going to be hard to see through the drifts.        I hop into my faithful (usually) vehicle and keep things moving through the first long drift.  We did okay although it was about 16”, soft and soggy snow.   The rest of that section looks pretty good and I relax a bit.  My mind started to wander to the conversation I had with my friend.  I was thinking of the things we do that she doesn’t have to in California….                  

I round the corner and head up the hill to the main road.  There is another small drift and we punch through without a problem.  I start thinking this shouldn’t be too bad.  Then I hit the stretch that goes from the Dexter Roadhouse to the Kugarok Road.  At first it is only a few inches deep, but then it gets worse.  Our neighbor has done a nice job of marking the edge and I am doing okay until I loose sight of the tracks in the flat light. 

For those who have never experienced it, “Flat Light” has no reflection.  Everything looks flat and it is hard to tell depth, distance, etc.  It is better to drive in the dark instead of when the light is flat.  It can be really strange on a day with flatlight because the sky, snow and trails can all look the same making it appear things are flying on a hill.

By now I am in the deep, wet snow and I can’t tell where I am.  I am peering through the windows, and  finally I see someone's old tracks a short distance to my right and I try to turn but my wheels are caught.  Sloop....I get that awful feeling that happens when the tires are sucked into the drift and off course.  BLASTIT!!!!    I am stuck and being stuck makes me cranky!! 

But, I have somewhere to be and things to get done so I need to get moving.  I go to open my door………and it is stuck shut.  I have successfully buried that side up past the bottom half of the door.  Being a not too tall person (some might even say shorter..) has its advantages and I eagerly climb over the seats to try the other door.  Thankfully it opens.  I notice now that it is warm out, +26 degrees and no wind so not bad for digging.  Okay, I can do this….shovel in hand, I start in front on the buried side. 

My car tends to get high-centered--yep, I have been stuck before-- so I work on the one side, clear the tires and then start underneath.  I am watching the time because school gets out and I will have kids headed to practice on the bus.  I don't want them stranded at the pool so keep working at getting out until I see I am not going to make it in time.  

We have a phone at the house now so I hike back to call the school and send out a NomeAnnounce (local online bulletin board) to let everyone know that the 3 PM practice is cancelled.  Then I call my husband, a very good guy, who is waiting to hear from me when I get to town.  I tell him it may be a while and I head back to the car to keep working.

As I am on my knees digging out, I  think....maybe this is what she meant?  I bet she never has to do this in California.......

The cleared and almost driving sub.


  1. That's what I am talking about!!!!!!! Keep going SDK!

  2. so SDK, I noticed you do not have a white car...guessing it would be lost in the snow...down here in SoCal there are a ton of white cars...they all think it reflects the sun therefore the heat......I think they just get lost int he fog when they don't turn on their headlights :)

  3. We miss Alaska, Nome in particular, but mostly we miss the people there and all the fun adventures that only come about when living in an interesting place. Glad we had our turn up North and we're enjoying life in the lower 48... but i love reading your observations of life in Dexter. It brings back memories. It kinda makes me homesick... but it's an ache that's not too hard to endure when it's 70* in February and my daffodils are about to bloom.

  4. Jenean, I don't know if they make white subs anymore. But we do have a white dog who turns kind of "yellow" in the winter. Be he doesn't show up very well against the snow!

    Barb, When I think about what I like here, people are at the top of the list! Sadly, some of the ones I enjoyed the most are gone : ) I just can't imagine daffodils right now! But the 70* sounds wonderful.


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