Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where Oh Where~

After two days without flights one finally made it into Nome.  The stores are just about out of milk and the bananas are long gone.  Everyone snow-bound and scheduled to get out was at the a few hopeful souls.  Alaska Airlines did a good job of filling every possible seat on the plane.

The passenger list included a wide variety of people.  There were many Iron Dog racers, their families and wives...including Todd's wife, race directors, someone going for her first chemo treatment, people returning home from the Elders' Conference and people headed to Anchorage for the Fur Rondy~and me.

My plans were to continue on to Fairbanks.  Usually February in Fairbanks is cold, very cold.  It is also rare to have wind.  Coming in we could see the strong winds which created a rockin' decent for landing.  The gal to my right screamed then hid her eyes until I told her we were on the ground.  I was afraid to ask, but assumed she didn't have many frequent flyer miles!

In the window seat was the wife of a Trail Class Iron Dogger.  The race committee had made all of the trail riders stop in Nome because it was so dangerous.  The machines would would be flown out of Nome on planes on a space available status and the people would fly as passengers.  The wife was still headed to the finish and final banquet, whenever that may be.  The storm we had in Nome had moved along the trail with the machines so the riders expected to arrive in Fairbanks tomorrow, will not arrive until Sunday or Monday.  It has been a wretched, life-threatening year for them!

Tonight it is snowing and blowing in Fairbanks making visibility poor.  I am grateful to have rented a 4-wheel drive, even if it is a Ford.  I saw some people stuck in the drive-through at Taco Bell in a plowed drift.  Do they carry shovels in their cars here??  I didn't see many with boots...

Last weekend Mother Nature dumped 18.5 inches of snow here.

I am hoping they don't break that record this weekend......


  1. Todd as in Todd Palin? Poor girl next to you..could have been me...Hope you have fun in the city!

  2. Yes, TP. You may have made a noise on the flight but I can't imagine you covering your eyes! Nothing but clear, crisp skies since the first day here. Yeah!


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