Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Will we or won't we~

The Weather Underground issued a weather advisory last night (Monday).  Everyone was warning me when I was still at the pool.  This morning we are wondering if we will get the storm or won't we.  

As I was driving into town last night after work I was admiring the unusual shape of the lights as they glowed through the light snowfall.  

They had an eerie tall, thin shape so I wanted to try and capture them with my little camera.

After I checked behind me and put on my blinker on, I pulled to the edge of the road. When I opened the door to the pickup and stepped out I about went down when the powerful wind hit me.  I had to brace against the pickup to hold the camera still.  
Pretty strong wind...or weak me?

 The jet was coming in so the runway lights could be seen to my right shooting up into the sky in the same way.  They were rotating down the line going on and off in sequence as they guided the plane.   The movement of the reds, blues and whites did not appear as desired on my screen.

I knew I wasn't doing justice to the cool glowing lights of town so I tried one last time.  Okay, so I was back in the car and moving....slowly... but there was no one else around on the road  :o)

In preparation for the storm we took two cars home.  We left one on the road and took one to the bottom of the driveway to our house--as far as the snow drift lets us go-- and hauled our gear the rest of the way.
This morning the wind was blowing snow across the road as we drove.  It is like running on the beach and having the tide flow in and out across where you are going, so you have a hard time staying on course.  I get a little seasick if I have to drive through it too long.  Since the road is rarely straight you can't look at a point straight ahead.  Instead you have to watch the reflectors and try to stay on the happy side of the road.  

Our wonderful DOT was already out and plowing drifts along the Beam Road as we went by.  So far we aren't getting too much storm, but the day is young....  

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