Sunday, February 20, 2011

Woodpile Envy~

I admit it, I have woodpile envy.  I admire a good woodpile.  One that is stacked neatly, ready to be put in the fire, with the potential of making a house warm and cozy.

This guy is a master.  Everything is precise with a chopsaw.

Here we burn wooden pallets, driftwood and occasionally cut trees.  When it takes 35 years to grow a 4'  tree it is hard to justify cutting it, so we rarely cut.  Scientist say that the Seward Peninsula was once covered with trees before the glaciers took them out.  If that is true, it was long before our time.

In the summer my family and I gather driftwood.  Often we find a whole log.  I wonder where they come from.  Sometimes we find markings that explain a little, but usually it is left up to my imagination.

Today I hauled wood from our shed.  It was -13 but calm, so it felt pretty nice to work outside.  We are supposed to get another blow tonight and may not be able to get outside tomorrow so I thought I would get enough for a couple of days.  It seemed like a lot when I was hauling all of those loads over the snow drifts....

But, now that I look at it all piled up, it is looking a little wimpy.  Maybe I will need to go get some more before the sun goes down?  Looks like I need to pack my pile a little tighter and make it less airy.  When it is all done I will build a fire.

I am looking forward to that warm and cozy feeling.......

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