Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Favorite Musher.....Celeste Davis~

You may not know the name Celeste Davis as well as other mushers, but she took home something most other finishers don't get to....the Red Lantern.

An emergency nurse from Montana, Celeste trained and dreamed of a triumphant Iditarod.  But, like many best laid plans, they changed.  Early in the race in the Dalzell Gorge she rolled her sled and hit a tree head-on breaking her nose and causing it to bleed so much and for so long that she wondered if she could die from it!  In spite of the possible concussion she continued on her way with her team.  On Saturday night, two weeks after she started, she finished her first Iditarod and was the final person to finish the 2010 race!

When she came through the doors at the Recreation Center on Sunday where they were holding the 2010 Finisher's Banquet she was holding her trophy and sporting two incredibly black eyes, a swollen nose, and a beautiful smile.

I read that she may not ever run the race again because she felt the training took too much time away from her son.  I would think that what she taught him by showing how important it is to being willing to work for her dream, and never giving up when things got tough, would be one of the best gifts she could ever share with him.

She can truly say "I did it!".......

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