Monday, March 7, 2011

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood~

March is usually one of the best months of the year in the arctic.  We have made it through the dark, often stormy winter months.  The days are getting longer, and the skies are various shades of  blue, making the days crisp and inviting.  We took advantage of one of those days and went out on the snow machine to explore.

I opted to be a rider so I could take my camera  ;o)

Our house sits in the bottom of a valley with peaks on both sides.  To the west is Newton Peak where there is a RCO (Remote Communication Outlet) which is solar powered.

 It was really windy on the peaks but the views were wonderful!

Looking from Newton to the south one can see Nome, at least three dredges, and everything to the Bering Sea....

At this angle you can see the birds' paradise, Sledge Island over my left shoulder.  There were people skiing on the back side of Newton.  I couldn't hold still enough in the wind to get a good picture of them.  
If you try really hard on a clear day you can see in the direction of Russia from here    :-)

This peak is east of our house.  We watch the sun come up behind it.  I have tried to ski to it before but the snow gets really icy as the hill gets steeper.  I caught a lot of "air" on the back of the machine as we rode up to it.
The wind was so strong I had to brace my feet as it tried to blow me and my camera bag off the top.
This is looking towards our house down, down the hill.
It would be one bumpy, but exciting sled ride home!
Looking east from the marker at the top.
What a beautiful ride towards Topkok!

The Iditarod teams will be coming up the coast here to the finish under the burled arches in Nome.

They will be glad to see to the sea, the Bering Sea.......

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  1. Great Pictures skd! who was your musher??? :)


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