Thursday, March 24, 2011

Parts of Alaska..It's Second Largest Town, Fairbanks~

Many people have a love/hate relationship with Fairbanks, Alaska.  It is part of the "interior" so can be incredibly cold in the winter, and warm enough to have an outdoor pool and amazing gardens in the summer.   Moose are often seen walking around town.....

 It is the home of the World Ice Art Championships every February-March...
2011 Sculpture
If you are lucky you will see the famous Northern Lights~

This is from Ronn Murray's blog
(I met this professional photographer at the ice show and we talked  a while then he gave me some of his ideas.  He was shooting without gloves at -12*!  You can go on his site for more beautiful shots.) 

Like many places in Alaska, it is an eclectic town with one of the oldest Land Grant Universities, various military posts, mines and farmers surrounding it.  Because of the jobs, it brings people from all over the world which makes some interesting combinations.  They have public transportation, avid bike commuters, a multitude of bridges and a ton of Subaroooos.
The Visitor Center Park on the Chena River.  It was -23, but so calm the flags were still and the smoke just hung in the air.

They have sweet old churches and historic little houses.

This hub-town for the Interior is the beginning/end of the Yukon Quest, the Iron Dog Snow Machine race and home of the Tired Iron Race.

Like most places, Fairbanks is a town where some people choose to stay forever, 

and others can't wait to get out....

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