Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Maybe Today is the Day~

When I finished writing last night, the final day of February, I didn't know what today would bring.  The fog was still thick in Nome and the last they guessed, wouldn't clear until noon.  When I arrived at the B & B they asked if anyone had told me about the plumbing issues in that part of town.....  hmmmm, nooooooo

Due to the severe freezing over the weekend, there were freeze ups so no flushing, showering or running water down the drains.  Okay, I can do this....it is like camping right???   And I am sharing the very nice outhouse with two guys I don't know. ... hmmmmm      I was reminded of the rules, "If it is yellow let it mellow....nothing goes down!"  Allllrighty then...

When I was talking to my daughter before crawling into the comfy bed she was concerned and asked if I had my own room.  She didn't want me to have to sleep with the strange (but nice I am sure) guys  :o)  When I went to brush my teeth I found a note "OK now, you can flush"!    I was able to sleep very well all by myself after putting on every blanket in the room and socks on my feet.  I knew a shower was waiting for me in the morning.

Today is March First and March is usually a good month in the arctic so I woke up hopeful we could get home.  There were several other people and three airplanes which had diverted to Kotzebue also.  We were all hoping to get back into Nome.
 Back at the airport I was told the fog was thinner than yesterday and spots of blue were showing.  YES!!   It was decided that I would be going back to Nome in the Navajo (like the one pictured above)  with Russell and the three other people left by Alaska Airlines during the day....all three jets made it into Kotzebue on Monday, but not Nome.

Our pilot, Russell (left), was a mere four years old when we moved to town.  He gave us an excellent, very smooth flight
Airborne into the sunrise....

This is the Navajo's GPS giving directions to Nome.  The blue is water..mostly the frozen kind.

I tried to take pictures of the pretty colors on the horizons but decided to do it justice one must have a vivid imagination and a jumbo box of crayons with many shades of white and pastels to use.
The sun continued to warm us through the window.  I had to take off my boots and unzip layers with that sun beaming at us!  It felt so GOOD.

"Mountains" between Kotzebue and Nome across from the wingtip.

That is Bering Sea off the wingtip here.
We were doing a procedural turn to get lined up for landing in Nome.

Then we were flying over Nome to get to the airport.

This is an old dredge across from the airport!  Right after this picture we gently touched down and were home!!

Happy Dance!  ........

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  1. don't kiss the ground your lips will freeze to the tarmac or do you all have tarmac up there?


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