Sunday, March 27, 2011

Morning Ptarmigan~

In the spring the ptarmigan like to spend time among the willows by our house.  One sunny March Saturday we woke up to hundreds of them contentedly feasting.  They are fun little critters to watch and listen to!

Ptarmigan use their entire bodies right down to their tail feathers to balance in precarious positions to reach their food.

They look fluffy but too heavy for those delicate branches they balance on as they stretch and bend around.

The tracks are from ptarmigan crossing the river.

This little guy nestled down in the moose antlers.
We were able to watch for quite a while before something spooked them and they all flew off to the other side of the pond.  They look so graceful lifting off and flying away.

As the ptarmigan flew across the river the sun cast their shadows on the wind-smoothed snow below.

We look forward to their return.......

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