Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Still One of Our Favorite Mushers~

Lance Mackey may not have won his fifth Iditarod in 2011, but he still remains a favorite and draws a crowd whenever he finishes.

The first thing he always does after greeting his wife, his rub and thank his dogs.

Because he has won so many times he was asked some questions that less titled mushers were not.  
The most repeated questions may have been, "Are you disappointed?"  
Some of his words were more colorful than others, but his answer was emphatically, "No, anyone who finishes in the top 20 should be proud!"  

For most of the race he had to run with only eight dogs after coming into a checkpoint with three in the basket.
Because of his dog care, and knowledge he was able to keep the dogs moving and finish in16th place!  Without his expertise, they would have had to scratch from the race.

Onec again he has done a fabulous job.....

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