Saturday, April 23, 2011

April, Ahhh April ~

They just cancelled today's snow machine race because of the weather.  Watching the snow blow sideways with the flakes changing sizes reminded me of April 2002.....

After planning for years, we started building our house in the summer of 2001.  My husband and I were both working.  The kids were going to school and in all kinds of activities, so it was a pretty busy year. We were living in town and traveling back and forth during the week and spending weekends in Dexter.  The weather had been "off" that year;  rain at odd times, warm weather created overflow, huge snow falls, etc.....

Doing dishes in the kitchen without running water.

Decorating Note: scaffolding + lights = cozy reading nook 

Our house in town had sold, then they changed their minds (or he did then she called and said he didn't etc.).  Through everything we kept plugging along on the house and started moving things from the town house to the Dexter house... our kids did homework by work lights...  It was all a pretty interesting process, but days were busy and a bit blurred at times.

The reading room.

In April the folks decided they did want the house, but only if they could have it in two weeks, by May 1st.  We were tired of dealing with them and with two houses, so said fine and the push was on.

The kids all painted their rooms.

Everyone pitched in to get things livable.

Radiant floor heat was placed on this sub-floor.

Just about all of the painting was done before we moved in.

Then the rain and wind started and, on April 29th, it started snowing.  On the 30th we were almost done moving.  My husband and I were in town, loading, cleaning, and tossing.  Our oldest son was a junior in high school.  He drove the loads to the new house where he and his brothers, 9th and 6th grade, and sister, 4th grade, hauled everything in.

As the evening went on the weather grew worse.  Around 11 PM our son came back and said this had to be the last load because the road was getting too bad.

As he was taking the last load he saw lights bouncing in the storm.  He couldn't figure out what it was because the visibility was so bad.  Turned out it was his brother on a snow machine looking for him!!  They thought he was stuck because he was taking so long getting back!  Since there were no phones in Dexter, there was no way to call and check.

We were glad to spend the night in our new house on mattresses on the floor.  Everyone had put in long days and was tired, but we were all safely in our new home, so the howling wind outside just lulled us to sleep.

We had one toilet, a shower and bathtub--no phones, internet, sinks, interior doors or counters.  The floor was still a sub-floor, and uncovered downstairs.  But the monitor heater warmed the whole house and the hot water worked.

In the morning the storm had died down and we saw we were completely snowed in.  
What had we done......

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  1. Made a boat load of memories that's what you did!


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