Monday, April 25, 2011

Silly Sun Day~

As I may have written before :-), we still can't drive to our house.  The last time was in January or so.  We have been walking either to the Kougarok Road or to our parking spot at the bottom of the hill depending on what Buster Creek Road into Dexter is like.  The 4-wheel drive is now for going through mud rather than snow.

This winter the snow has been level with our deck which is pretty handy.  We haven't had to clear the steps for months.  If we did, they would just be a hole to fall into anyway.  We can step off directly onto the snow and head out with boots, snowshoes or skis....

Yesterday I started to step off the deck at the usual spot and noticed a deep hole.  It was my husband's boot size.  I tested higher and it seemed solid so I left the deck.  About six steps later I realized I should have worn snowshoes.  I was sinking about 12" every other step.  By time I was to the car I felt like I had run miles!

Going home with the warmth of the afternoon sun was wonderful, except I was 
s i n k i n g with every step and deeper than the 17" boots.  Carrying groceries was much easier though.  I just put the bags on the snow and slid them along as I moved up the hill.  If I stopped too long, the fleece on my leggings froze to the snow in the holes.

It was too funny, so I pulled out my camera and put it on the snow in front of me and 
this is the shot it took....

then I crawled the rest of the way home......

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