Sunday, April 17, 2011

Moose on the Loose Today~

Today was a bright, sunny spring day in Nome/Dexter... a great day for a walk!

We decided to head up one of our favorite walking routes on Buster Creek Road.  It is hard to recognize the usual landmarks.  Even the huge beaver pond is buried by snow and we didn't see the lodge.  

Further up the hill we saw a moose enjoying the sunshine in his bed in the willows.  He looked pretty cozy and relaxed soaking up the warmth.

We didn't want to bother him so we changed directions, but Dexter decided he needed to check out the moose close up and started toward him.  He didn't get very far before the moose put more distance between him and us.

They are such an odd mixture...long legs, big heads, bulky bodies and pointy ears.  It is always good to see them before they see you.  In spite of their size, they are pretty darn fast....

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