Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Really Nice Tradition~

There was once a very special person who lived in Nome.  Sadly she was one of our losses this winter.  When she passed she didn't want a service to remember her.  She wanted people to go out and do something for a kid instead.  

She was the kind of person who said what she wanted and did what she thought was best.  When she saw a need for kids she created a group called "D.A.W.N.", Drugs Aren't Wanted in Nome.  Together they created and supported activities for kids.

Today was an overcast, 34*'s but there was a snow machine race on the back side of Newton, The Fat Freddie Memorial.   We walked up to watch and I took pictures.....over 1000 this afternoon!  

The racers were mostly local boys, but one of the coolest things was that the race was put together by local boys in their 20's.  They had the help of friends and older riders, but they organized it and put it on.  They planned classes for different ages, including the littlest riders.  It was a really fun family affair to watch.

Her tradition of  community service was well taught.  Today would have made her smile, and she would have enjoyed the folks visiting outside for a change....

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