Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So Much More~

When I was driving to work this morning at 6:15 AM, I saw a big red fox going up the Bypass Road.  It was a really fluffy, healthy looking one.   It ran in front of me and up over the plowed snow as I rounded the corner.

The crews are pushing the snow out a little more each day to widen the road and keep it from being a muddy bog.  The road is now a white corridor that is just about wide enough for two cars to pass.

It makes our commute so much nicer.

The warmer days make life so much easier.  

Fewer layers make dressing so much faster.  

As I looked back to see if I could spy the fox, I spotted the hills north of us.

So much more morning color.....

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  1. I wonder if he was the guy that came and looked in you window!!!??? Pretty pic SDK :)


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