Monday, April 4, 2011

Spiraling Thoughts~

Recently I had some time on a sunny day in Tennessee to do what ever I wanted!  I was waiting to hear the results of an important medical test from my friend and was in a reflective state of mind.  To distract myself I threw on some good walking shoes, grabbed my camera and headed out the door to explore.

It was the beginning of spring in TN after one of the reportedly worst winters in years.  The cherry blossoms and other early flowers were in bloom.  Color, color everywhere!

As I looked through the camera lens my mind began to wander...

The week before in Nome I had joined others at the Celebration of Life for my friend's husband.  They had come from Minnesota together and made their home in Nome for 20+ years.  This is a guy who was usually smiling and working with equipment when most saw him.  The last time for me was at 6 AM and he was already clearing snow from the roads in town so the rest of us could get to work.  At 51 he had left his family and friends stunned by the suddenness of his loss.

The Celebration was on St. Patrick's Day.  It was also the birth day of another young girl who had been born and raised in Nome.  She too was tragically lost within this year.  She was a gentle soul who had big dreams.

At the Celebration was the husband and sons of another dear friend from Nome who had lost her long struggle with cancer in December 2010.  My friend and her husband from MN had helped this family and shared in her passing.  Now our friend from Nome's husband was helping to navigate territory that he sadly knew too much about... the loss of a loved one.

In a community that is so small, each person's life touches so many others, spiraling outward.  They add to our lives and bring joy to our days.  It is a loss for us all when they are gone.....

Still waiting to see which way the oncologists report will swing.....

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