Thursday, April 28, 2011

A True Friend~

Dexter showed up when we were building our house and has been with us ever since...except for about a week when he was "lost".  Someone had abused him and he was starving when he limped to our place.
At first he would growl if we came around when he was eating.  Then he began to lean against us if we were sitting or standing around.  It was like a kid making sure we were there.  When we gave him a bite of food he would delicately take it from our hands, never biting.  
Little by little he created his own spot in each of our hearts. 

He has the traits ever great friend should have:

*wildly excited to see you every time you show up 
*always listens to your stories..even if he has heard them before
*happy to have you be just the way you are
*wants to go play outside when you do

Time to go into his house after a day at work.......

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