Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Child Has Returned~

 Once there was a little girl who dreamed of seeing new places and learning new things.
She always let her family know what she thought.

She knew there was a world out there waiting to be discovered,
but she always would have a haven to return to.
So she took a leap and went away to college 1000's of miles away.
Today she returned as an official Sophomore!

And was reminded of what spring-time at home was like.

She said she brought a bit of summer with her in the flower.

 But I think she brought more than that.
Welcome home!....


  1. I love the picture from her younger years at the beginning. I was just getting caught up on your blog, I love your posts. Beautiful pictures and stories, and makes me feel so Nomesick!

  2. Thanks! I am glad you enjoy them and they bring back good thoughts of your first hometown, Nome!


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