Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday's Fantastic Record-breaking Frenzy~

We are having a wonderfully sunshiny day!  
The temperature keeps going up, up, up....
It is amazing what a little heat can do to turn everything green!

These little fly-like bugs are snacking from plant to plant.

I am trying to get potato beds ready and transplanting seedlings that I started a few weeks ago in the house.

The strong buzzing of the bees is filling the air with a loud drone.
The bees are in a feeding frenzy as the high temps have popped the willows open.

They keep looking for food in my dirt and plants as I work, but it is a disappointment to them so they go back to the willows.
Such delicate-looking,  yet powerful wings.

Cooler temperatures slow the bees down and they speed up as the thermometer goes up.  
At some point the temperature must get so warm that they slow down? 
I don't think we will reach that point in Alaska!

 At 4 PM the temperature had risen to 71* and it climbed to 74* by 9:30 PM.

On to the next project while this fantastic weather is here.......

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