Thursday, May 5, 2011

Geese..and The Pond~

The geese have returned to the pond.  
Usually they come back once the pond has begun to melt.  
They stomp and squawk as they try to find open water that they can swim in.  
Unlike most years the pond has not begun to melt, and the ice is still very thick this year!
They are so funny to watch as they seem to stand and look in disbelief that the pond isn't ready for their return.

I love watching the geese and ducks land and take off.  
They remind me of Evenrude in the Disney Classic, The Resuers.
They are graceful and beautiful flying machines,
who need a landing strip to come and go.

This was the only bare patch they could fine near the pond and it is on shore.  
Usually we get to watch them raise a family and teach the little ones to swim.
I really hope they allow us that pleasure again this year....... 

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  1. I don't know about you SDK, but living here where I do in Montana, with Elk, Antelope, Bears, Deer, and other types of wonderful creatures are in abundance, I feel privileged. It's going to very hard toleave here and head west soon. Going to miss this place I think. Thanks for the great article...:)


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