Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getting Back in the Dirt~

Today is a day I have always looked forward to......
the first day of the year I can comfortably get my hands back into my beds-the ones filled with dirt and growing things.  Some of the growing things also are the moving kind, but the birds, bugs are okay together.

As the snow melts and the water drains, there are surprises to be found in the soft soil.

Here is our most faithful plant-
The Rhubarb.  
This started from one plant I had in town and transplanted before we moved here.  My plants were living in Dexter before we were!

We now have six rhubarb plants and have given many away.  We have some that will need split this again this year if anyone would like one : )

When I pulled off last year's plant stalks which have been frozen, dried  and buried since this past fall, I discovered fresh new irises pushing up through the earth.  It made me think of my friend who loved irises, and how she would have smiled at the news.  
In a few more weeks the irises and other flowers will be blooming. 
I will take a picture and share their pretty blooms with you then...

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