Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day~

My first Mother's Day was in 1985.  
I was living in a totally foreign place, with a brand-new baby- -who came without directions!

I am sure I wasn't any different then every other new mother who felt she didn't have a clue about what to do at times.  
But we learned together --and the child survived.  
He was joined by two brothers and a sister 
and they are some of my favorite people to spend time with.   
I hope they remember the years as sweetly as I do.

 Eleanor Roosevelt is supposed to have said, 

"There is no one way to be a perfect mother, 
but a thousand ways to be a good one"

My mother, Wanda June Winnop Steiger

My Mother's Mother, Beatrice Goodwin Winnop

My Father's Mother, Faye Wilde Dees

My Father's Grandmother, Grandma Becky (right) and her sister, Golda (left) with my Father's kids.

Thanks to all who have been a mother and/or mothered others through the years!  
The world is a better place because of your efforts and your lessons.

And, thanks to the Father of my children for giving me what I wanted most,.....

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  1. I am Kidding skd....nice post :)


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