Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Layers to the Day~

This past weekend was sunny and we were out exploring on snow machines (still working on the pictures....) without hats, gloves and winter coats.  

Yesterday I was working in the greenhouse planting seeds.  It was sunny and +36* outside and I was wearing shorts and summer gardening attire....except my sheepskin boots which feel so good on my feet!  

So when we woke up to overcast skies and snow flurries, I was a little bit surprised.

Our footprints from yesterday had ice in them.

The trail to the cars was really crunchy.

When I looked back from the parking space I caught this shot of the different layers to the day: 
puffy poof clouds,
storm clouds, 
blue skies

The ruts were an attempted run up our drive.  The run was stopped short when the pickup became high centered and had to be pulled out.  The walking trail up the hill is well-worn to the left.

We are back to those sunny, blue skies and it is time to head back to the greenhouse......

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