Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Morning Surprise~

As I was working at the kitchen table early this morning, I caught a flash of something brown out the window.  I got up to investigate and discovered it was a MOose!
I wasted time as I scrambled for the camera and lens and caught only the back end of the moose as it walked up over the snow drift by our greenhouse.  
Disappointed and muttering I turned... and caught sight of a second moose walking by our deck! 

The younger one was more considerate and it stopped and posed for me so I could take this shot~

Standing on a tall drift on my raised bed.

The two moose walked east of the house onto the river and headed north.  As the began to head up the bank a herd of reindeer appeared further up the hill.  They were running full speed with their heads down.  It made me wonder if a bear was in the area.

The moose continued their walk calmly off into the sunrise...

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