Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Precise Divers~

The Arctic Tern is an impressive bird. 

 It flies from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back every year.  
Most of the flying is done off-shore.  
They raise their families along the shores during the summer then head south in the fall to spend the winter in the Antarctic.   
They feed by flying slowly and then diving sharply to the water when they spot their prey.

We usually see them on the river.  When we go canoeing they tend to dive bomb us as we pass their hidden nests.  For some reason our eldest was a favorite target when he was with us.  We never could figure out if it was his hair color, his height or  ????     They are very protective of their territory!

Because the rivers are still covered with ice the terns have been feeding on the small opening in the pond and the runoff that is feeding into it.

They hover and look for a tasty tidbit, then they dive...

After touching down, and hopefully snatching their prey, they gracefully swoop up across the water.

Either to go eat their snack, or circling around to try it again....

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