Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday's Snowmachine Study~

The sun came up and the world was a sunny +12*.  As the sun continued to shine we made it into the 20's on a calm spring day.  A perfect day to see what the world is like this time of year.

I found some blueberries that didn't get picked last year and a reindeer antler still frozen in the tundra.
The snow and tundra blended but the tundra hasn't thawed enough to be soft and springy like it usually is.  There is no bounce when one steps....

We went up to the geological marker we visited earlier.  Today was amazing calm-- even on top.  We could have had a picnic if we would have brought one!

This is the exact view I took a few weeks ago.  The snow was rough and wind-blown which was tough to machine on.  Today it was smooth and would be great for skiing.

Another few weeks and even this snow will be gone.......

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