Monday, May 2, 2011

The snow white covering on the hills is melting to a lovely spring brown and all of that run-off has to go somewhere.  With our above freezing days, it has melted a bit faster than it can be absorbed into the ground.  All of the water is beginning to pool in the low spots where it is caught and can't drain.  If it gets too high or fast it can cause damage.
The Alaska Department of Transportation (DOT) has figured out a solution to this frequent problem.

They have put culverts under the roads in strategic places and they run steam through them so that the ice is clear and the water can get through.  
By the Fort Davis Roadhouse they have the water flowing and draining under the road.

But on the beach side the huge ice flows pushed up onto the shore in February are still blocking the water's route to the Bering Sea.  This week it is flooding the beach.  If the weather keeps getting above freezing, the ice will melt and soon the flowing waters will be able to go out with the moving tide....

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