Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Break Up Happens a Little Each Day~

It is time for break-up and that is always a little unpredictable,
although there are always a few common denominators~

The geese will show up...and usually before the pond is ready for them....

Today they are walking on the pond ice.  
The water is actually run-off from the snow drifts that has pooled in our drive.
The pond is too solid for them to find water on it.

The dog will shed....
The warmer it gets, the faster he looses his fur.

The ice will begin to get punchy under the surface water.  
We like it to freeze at night and then slowly warm during the day.  
We are happy with sunshine, no wind and temps in the 40's.

The dog will watch and wait for his friend the beaver to come out and play....

Treasures will be uncovered as the snow melts.....

And the sun will shine, making everything green and growing...

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