Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring Sense~

 As our world turns from white and blue to shade of brown and grey other senses besides visual are stimulated for the first times in months.  

The heat of the sun warms the earth and the plants begin to grow creating a fresh scent that stirs as we walked on it.

Birds return and their varied songs fill the air around us as they search for a mate and home.  The Redpoll calls as it flits between the willows and the feeders.  

The Robin boldly sings out as it looks for food in the ground.  

The river rushes past as the water begins to move the ice downstream.  

Suddenly the air fills with a loud sound as the ice calves.

Be careful sitting on the ground.  It will feel warm to your hand but the dampness left from the melting snow will seep into your britches as you sit and soak up the sun.  But it is worth it to lay in the grass and feel the warmth on your face.

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