Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Communications~

As our kids have grown they have chosen completely different paths to follow.  These paths have led them in all directions.  Communications between everyone has been one of the harder parts of the miles between us all.  

When we first moved to our house  we didn't have an internet connection, phone or cable TV.   For a short time we used the internet in town and had a borrowed cell phone (remember how BIG they used to be?)  The older two kids were in high school.  Early morning practices and coordinating six people and three cars required talking frequently as plans often changed.  We worked out a system but not everyone was always happy with it>>>>

There wasn't a business or person in town to call and have a connection made for internet or phone services.  We worked with neighbors and a company in Anchorage and figured out how to install and site-in internet dishes for several homes and we began using the internet as a message tool between town and home.  This was way before Skype and instant messaging!  Our older sons graduated and left for college and we didn't have a way to talk to them as they adjusted away from home.  
On the upside....we didn't get calls from work either :-) !  

Telephone lines are now connected between town and Dexter so we have a phone, phone internet and satellite internet.  We have opted not to get a million commercials by not connecting to the cable satellite.

Those same sons recently discovered that we can now do conference calls with six of us from all of our different locations.  It worked pretty well today.  I like how we can hear each other talk about what each person is doing and we can make plans for getting together.  

The little advances in technology really make our world seem smaller, 
don't they.......

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