Thursday, May 19, 2011

Water Goes From Solid to Liquid~

 Our solid white and blue world has turned a bit choppy these days.  
The whites are broken and flowing on the clear blue water.

This ice is knocking on the Snake River Bridge.  The city is working on replacing the bridge.
No one is sure how many more times it can survive break up.

The thickness of the ice is easier to see from on the bridge above.  
It was nice and thick this year.

The ice at first turns a brownish color as the muddy water underneath seeps to the surface,
 and then it begins to run.
The speed and amount of flowing water depends on how warm the temperatures are.

At our house the icy drive has given way to soupy mud.  
We still sport mud boots to walk through the water (and a little ice) to get up the hill to our house.

If one is so inclined, there is still enough solid white stuff to cause a little ruckus.......

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