Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Alaska Run For Women~

You will find Anchorage nestled against the beautiful Alaskan mountains.  
It is a destination point for many Alaskans and visitors year-round, 
but every June they host one of their largest foot races, 
the Alaska Run For Women.

While it focuses on Breast Cancer, 
preventing, identifying, and fighting all kinds of cancer
is what we think about.
As everyone's lives are touched more and more by cancer, 
it becomes an increasingly thoughtful day.

The trail is beautiful as it winds downtown,
curving along the bay and lagoon,
through the parks and tunnels, 
back to the track where it finishes under the big pink arches.
This year it was a perfect day for the race.

My daughter and I have done it several times.

We have been lucky the past few years to share the day 
with another mother/daughter team.  
We go together, do the race as M/D teams,
then meet on the field for visiting with others we know. 

This year everyone was a bit teary-eyed but inspired,
at the end of the yoga warm up, 
when thousands of us lifted our arms and thoughts
as we followed the instructor's words and movements:

Reach up in memory of those you have lost....
Reach out for those who are fighting
And surviving.....


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