Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Dandelion Story~

A long time ago, when my oldest was little and my youngest not yet born, 
the kids and I were walking by a house in Nome that had a yard. 

My son stopped in excitement to marvel at the "Pretty, pretty flowers!"  
I, being much older and wiser, tried to explain.  
The lawn was full of dandelions!

That was in our early years here.  
After years of white during our many winters 
those bright little spots of color are a welcome sight. 

The annual color means we have made it through another winter, 
nature's cycles have continued, 
and the sun will shine for hours.

Now the dandelions make me smile.....

Note:  This was written in March when I saw the dandelions in Smyrna, TN, 
but they hadn't yet shown up in Nome.  
They're her-r-r-e.....

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  1. little drops of sunshine, they are....I like them because if one of my rabbits decides to stop eating, i just feed it dandelion leaves and it perks their appetite right up!


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