Thursday, June 16, 2011

Early Morning Traffic~

This morning, as I rounded the first corner
heading downhill coming off the bypass
in the fog,
I spotted something big and brown
so I tapped the breaks with a little strength.

At first I thought it was the bear we have been hearing about,
but as the fog cleared and a group ran across the road,
I saw it was a small heard of muskox
with two little babies.

As I continued the road dropped out of the fog and I could see two 
large muskox on the side of the road.  
Just before I made it to where they were standing, 
one decided to cross the road....
at a leisurely pace.

Then he had to scratch his itch on the reflector post.

The second one must have felt lonely,
because he too decided to cross in my path.

The animals are looking a bit mangy now, 
but the qiviut collectors are loving it!

Looking at the huge animals, it is surprising to note that
their under under-fur is one of the softest,
and most fragile wools in the world.
It can be collected for free by anyone willing
to pull it off of the willows.....

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