Thursday, June 2, 2011

First You Are Up, Then Down, And Up Again~

Today was a good day for flying.  
Not much wind and mostly smooth skies.  
I left Nome in the morning and arrived in Eugene, Oregon that night.  
My favorite seats are the ones by the windows!

Beginning to roll down the runway in Nome

Airborne and looking at the Bering Air hangers and ramp

Flying over the port and the Bering Sea

Above the clouds

The Alaskan Range

Touchdown in Anchorage

Coming into SEA-TAC in Seattle, Washington

Water, bridges and people, lots of them

Dusk was beginning to fall as we approached SEA-TAC

It was a really pretty start to the sunset as we were landing in Seattle.

An odd thing happened for the rest of the flights getting to Eugene...
it became totally dark.
If you close your eyes, your picture will be as good as mine could be......

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