Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Good Transplanting Days~

Even on those moist days of summer life happens.  
When the air feels liquid sometimes it is hard to remember that the days are 
great times for things like running...

and transplanting.....

The soil in the arctic is very young and not particularly nutritious for growing plants. 
It is seriously lacking in organic matter! 
But tundra is a pretty amazing environment for sustaining life.  
The plants found here are kind of like air plants, with shallow or above ground roots. 
Give them a little augmented soil and they are happy to grow year after year. 

This array of flowers was found on the tundra 
on the high side of the road 
along the drive between home and work.  

To those of you who drove by....
this is why I was laying on the tundra in my running clothes  :-)

These Shooting Stars were a little higher up on the hill.

This pretty little Spring Beauty was hidden under 
a different plant's leaves.   
It was the only one I found.

With my trowel and bucket I was able to pack up some 
of the flowers for their move.

They seem happy to be transplanted in their new home 
with the already established plants!

Now, I have to catch up on the weeding in the sections above.
We have lost 31 seconds since yesterday,
so I had better hurry......

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