Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June First, A New Beginning~

Today is Wednesday and a new month has begun.  
The past few months have been hard for many, and I hope June is very different.
As I worked outside on this peaceful morning it is easy to believe
that might be possible....

Because I am leaving tomorrow I wanted to get my seeds in the ground 
and beds protected.
 I was outside with my coffee shortly after 5 AM.  
My Grandmother would have been proud :-)

It had rained in the night but the drops were soft,
leaving the morning perfectly calm.
The birds were floating on the pond contently.
When my daughter had returned from running she said had seen fresh moose tracks
so I was to be careful.

As I worked in the dirt I heard heavy splashing into the river.  
Soon the splashing moved rhythmically past me.
Because the willows are beginning to leaf out I couldn't see anything where I was 
and went up on the deck for a better look.
Sure enough, it was a moose walking down river.

We have a beaver lodge on the pond.  They are fun critters to watch, 
but we have a war going on.
This guy was just a few feet from our deck and circled around so I could take pictures.  
Maybe he was just waiting for his friend, Dexter to come play with him.
Or, maybe he was checking our schedule as he eyed those mighty nice Cottonwoods?

The Cottonwoods are leafing out with that special new spring green color 
that will fade to summer green soon.  
It has taken a while for them to get established and 
their growth each year is amazing to watch.

The willows have bloomed and were dripping with droplets.
They too have their own shades of fresh greens.

It was the perfect amount of rain overnight.... 
enough to water plants and keep the dust down,
then the sun broke through and warmed the day.

As I appreciated the peaceful morning, 
I thought of those we hold dear who are facing challenges
and hoped they have peace in their
very near futures.......

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