Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let Me Introduce~

Tammy is my best friend from way back at Walterville and Thurston 
in Springfield, Oregon.

She moved from Roseburg, OR to our school
 in the sixth grade.
In 1969 her family moved from Michigan to Blue River,
up the beautiful McKenzie River.

She is a teacher, mom, wife, daughter and friend.
Her six word memoir is: 
Still learning new stuff every day..

Since we both grew up in Oregon but hadn't visited many of 
the highlights in the state,  we started a 
drive--and STOP--loop tour last June.  
So far we have covered the top half of Oregon.

Last fall we celebrated our 50th anniversary of the days we were born by 
going to Portland and participating in the 
10/10/10 Portland Marathon Weekend

then flying to St. George, Utah
where we picked up a Land Yacht and drove to Zion National Park.
It was a wonderful trip!

Because of our new age, Tammy kept saying we needed to get
our "50 Test" done.

She did hers March 18th.
and today my friend and I took a trip to a place we never dreamed of going.....
Her First Chemo

If this makes you think of anything,
She would like you to think to 
go get your test too,
 if you haven't already.....

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