Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Son Returns~

Twenty-one years ago we had a child who the doctor said would never be born.
He is always a reminder of how things 
can go very right 
when they seem very wrong.

He was a kid who always liked to figure things out and paid attention to details.

He likes to build, design and create.
He built this for me from a picture I had.
I think it is way too pretty to go outside and be ruined by the elements.

He chose to go to college and study mechanical engineering.
He wanted to have new life experiences and 
see how things worked in other parts of the world.

The Smiling Face keeps taking him away, but has brought him home for every 
Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break, 
except one during his three years at college.   

And on the missed break he called....but that is another story.

Happy dance for another year well done
and a safe return!
Home is where you are always welcome......

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