Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Elusive Loons~

The first time this year that I saw the loons was in May.  
They were in the creek that was just breaking up
along the Jail Road.

We waited weeks for them to show up at the pond.
Usually we have several hanging around fishing.
They are fun to watch dive.
They can hold their breath for a long time
often coming up 15-20 feet from where they dove.
Sometimes they swim with just their heads 
under the surface.

When they are distressed they sound like 
kids screaming in terror.
Their screeches at night took 
a while to get used too!

This year they have come for visits, but we haven't seen any
living around near our house.

This one came for a cleansing bath.....

This one was looking for food in the rain.....

One night these stopped by and the beaver began to follow them.

Always something new to see.....

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