Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Fourth and The Run~

Since 1985 the Fourth of July has always begun with the
Anvil Mountain Run
for the blue-eyed pilot.

The race begins at 8 AM on Front Street,
in Nome, Alaska.
The first leg goes 4.5 miles out of town before hitting the 
base of Anvil Mountain.

The Anvil Rock up, up, up the hill,  is the goal.

Then it slows down a little as the steepness increases.

Anvil Road goes up to the White Alice Sites,
then across the ridge to the Anvil Rock.

From the Anvil Rock you can go down the mountain anyway you want to.
Upright is the preferred way, but it doesn't always happen.

After the final check point on Glacier Road,
about half-way down on the front-side of the mountain,
the path back to town is up to the runner.

The total distance is about 13 miles.  
Over the years weather has been everything from sunny and hot
to windy, foggy and cold.

Usually it is somewhere in between.

Everyone in our house has run it at least twice.
The kids all did it for the first time when they were 11-13 years old.

David and Zacharia 1999

Nathaniel, David and Zacharia 2000

Nathaniel, Zacharia, David and Nicholai 2003

AnnieKate, Sharon, Nicholai, David, Nathaniel,
and cousin, Lane 2004

Nicholai, AnnieKate, David and Nathaniel 2005

This year there were 27 runners.  
It was a beautiful, sunny, 36 degree day and
everyone finished!

Nicholai, David, AnnieKate 2011

Happy Independence Day Everyone!
Congratulations to all of the runners.....

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