Monday, August 22, 2011

Black and Blue...Berries That Is~

It is berry picking time.  
Here berries are found on low,
tight growing bushes.  
They have shallow roots and 
tough branches to resist the wind.

These are our blackberries~

They are used for jams, 
mixed into eskimo ice cream
 and cooked into desserts.
The texture is meaty and they aren't real sweet.

These are Arctic Blueberries~

They are great fresh, frozen, in baked goods
and on oatmeal!
Their sweetness depends on the amount of sunshine they get
when they are ripening.
This year we have had a lot of rain, so they are plump!

The low berries in front are black and
the taller, broader leafed plants are
Both are usually found on hillsides.

Happy picking!.....


  1. wow, those balck berries look "weird". I am used to the kind here in California and Oregon, the kind that grow all over anything that doesn't move for 2 hours....remember?

  2. wow! those black berries look way different from the black berries I am used to. You know the kind that grow all over anything that doesn't move for 3 hours :) remember?


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