Friday, August 19, 2011

The Giving Plant Continued~

I was a little side-tracked from my initial point of the giving plant.....

But when my son came home, he brought me back to it.

When we moved to our house part of the plant broke off.  
We took the broken part and planted it..and it grew.  
So we had two cactus growing to the ceiling and then out once it hit the top.  
They were still in the little pots they started in, 
so their roots must have been cramped.

I finally found some larger pots that could be shipped to Nome
and this was the year we attempted to transplant those long, prickly stalks!  
We were able to do it without breaking any off
by laying them down to do the job.

The two new "babies" are now in their own pots, 
ready to give away.

The mechanical son took two small shoots to college with him.

If you would like your own, we would be happy to share.
It travels pretty well.....

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