Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Giving Plant~

Twenty plus years ago my pilot spouse came home on a fall day
from a lay-over in a local village named Golovin.

When he left, his hostess, Lily, gave him a 12" piece of plant.
He carefully carried it home to me.
Who didn't have much experience with plants 
and even less knowledge.

And this was wayyy before the miracle of Google!

In the local store I found a pot and dug up some dirt. 
Surprisingly that winter it took root and grew!
And GrEw...

Pieces of that plant were given to who ever wanted one.
Last year Lily's grand-daughter
was married in Nome.

We gave her part of that original plant.
which had a strong root.

This past winter Lily passed, but her plant and 
grand-children are still growing.....

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